Beyond Words: artist Miles Phillips

What inspired a Canadian artist to move to Amsterdam?
I wanted to broaden my horizons beyond North America and to land a job in ICT here in 2001. I was also on a quest for more inspiration, a community of likeminded artists, history, culture and felt I might find more of this in Europe.

An ICT expert and an artist?
My work in ICT pays the bills. But, to be honest, I also like exploring the whole approach and psychology of User Interface Design and Interactivity.

Are you focussed on an audience when you paint?
At the moment I’m focussed on creating a message to have people think about what’s going on in the painting and possibly, by extension, in their own lives. It’s a bonus really if a person understands and enjoys my work! I hardly ever promote myself. Last year I exhibited in a cultural event in Amsterdam and I showed at the Rijksmuseum during the museum night one year. I suppose I paint for myself. An audience of course would be the pay-off.

Why do you paint then?
I paint to resolve the issues in my head. To explore tensions, conflicts, visually and socially, and to try to convey things that words just cannot.

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