Dave Thomas writes art reviews, popular science articles, and poetry. He also enjoys interviewing people. Most of his work is in English but a growing number of his poems are in Dutch.

His basic writing skills were nurtured by his father who insisted upon clear and concise communication. Since then he has had the privilege of developing his talent further by working with the author M.H. Vesseur and the award-winning copywriter John Richardson. As a poet Dave is indebted to the Amsterdam poetry critique group led by Robin Winckel.

Dave Thomas was born and raised in the UK and moved to the Netherlands in 1989 to do a PhD in Agricultural Entomology at Wageningen University. After a brief spell as a high school teacher he has worked in the field of science communication (currently a partner at NST Science) since 1999.

Contact details


PO Box 82
8260 AB Kampen
The Netherlands

You can find out more about him on LinkedIn and About.Me.

This site presents a selection of his work.