hang on is that a milkman?
didn’t know we still had one!
how come them two lasses are both wearing red DMs?
what’s chance of seeing that and a milkman on same day?
shame council’s not fixed that pothole from last winter yet
pay ’em enough blinking tax don’t we?
there goes Jones for his morning run –
more of a stiff walk if you ask me!
is that a song thrush or a mistle thrush in the hedge there?
never could tell ’em apart
funny Londis ain’t open yet
not like them to be on the late side
where’s my handkerchief?
wish my hay fever tablets worked better
hope Tony has a good day at school
he looked so stressed when I left
great match between Man United and Arsenal last night
we gave them Gunners a right thrashing
only one meeting today
might be able to do some work for a change 🙂
wonder what’s on the menu tonight?
Sheila does a superb tandoori
great, bus is here at last
where’s my smartphone?

(c) Dave Thomas 2015