er was geschreeuw
maar niemand leek te horen
er werd geroepen
maar niemand wilde reageren
er werd geworsteld
maar niemand kwam ertussen
er werd gepeinsd
maar actie werd er niet genomen
nogmaals werd er gekeken
maar geen mens werd gezien

de menigte
zag zichzelf pas
oog in oog
tijdens de stille tocht

© Dave Thomas 2016

I Struggle

to connect loose threads on the rear of a tapestry
to perceive what our interwovenness could have been

to recapture moments of mutual pleasure
in a lingering mist of supression

to distinguish façades of normality
from gnarled, indifferent reality

same flesh
different plumage

© Dave Thomas 2016

Zomer ontbreekt

Woordjes dwarrelen in mijn hoofd,
als drijvende bladeren in een kabbelende beek.

De warme herfstkleuren ontleden
en trekken uit mijn gedachten weg.

Ontbindende woorddelen nestelen in mijn achterhoofd,
fermenteren, conjugeren en sijpelen door in mijn gedachten.

Plotseling, als een rivier in vloed, razen ze door mijn hoofd,
zelfs boomstammen kunnen hun geweld niet weerstaan.

Emoties gezakt en hoofd schoongeveegd,
letters kiemen in mijn verzande gedachten.
En, gevoed door de lenteregen,
vormen ze woordjes opnieuw.

© Dave Thomas 2016

Impoverished conversation

spaghetti letters tumble
jumble in Tetris
Letris falling
appalling, bereft of emotion
commotion, passing through the motions
of oceans
of scalding verboseness
closeness, sentiments starched
parched, tapioca still talking
hawking in a
ratcheted rut

© Dave Thomas 2015


shrouded in naked silence
Van Eyck’s Adoration of the Mystic Lamb
scarcely attracts a visitor
at the Museum of Fine Art

a mile away a heaving throng
gawps at leftover Christmas trinkets
purveyed from converted garden sheds
nestled between medieval churches

tourists step into these religious bulwarks
to gaze at a former world
oblivious to a faithful few
who gather seeking the divine

the masses instinctively congregate
and process fitfully through ware-laden streets
in a carnival without effigies or masks

© Dave Thomas 2015


Tuesday afternoon
in this sleepy outpost of Scunny
village shop closed and both pubs too

only the church provides refuge
paint peeling, Mothers’ Union banner fading
altar vestments unchanged in thirty years

Grandma’s house is so toshed up
we scarcely recognise it
barking garden dog prevents a peak inside

so we walk along the ebbing river
and leave
through poppy-strewn fields

© Dave Thomas 2015

Hardknott pass

Audis, Minis, battered Fords,
snake toward me
as their male occupants
invariably succumb to my allure

gears grind
frustration bites
adrenlin flows full throttle
and expletives hit the dust
as brash egos in steel stallions
stare failure in the eye

let them revel in their achievement
on soft summer days
as when winter comes and I
glisten in my prime
none dare caress me

© Dave Thomas 2015


hang on is that a milkman?
didn’t know we still had one!
how come them two lasses are both wearing red DMs?
what’s chance of seeing that and a milkman on same day?
shame council’s not fixed that pothole from last winter yet
pay ‘em enough blinking tax don’t we?
there goes Jones for his morning run –
more of a stiff walk if you ask me!
is that a song thrush or a mistle thrush in the hedge there?
never could tell ‘em apart
funny Londis ain’t open yet
not like them to be on the late side
where’s my handkerchief?
wish my hay fever tablets worked better
hope Tony has a good day at school
he looked so stressed when I left
great match between Man United and Arsenal last night
we gave them Gunners a right thrashing
only one meeting today
might be able to do some work for a change :)
wonder what’s on the menu tonight?
Sheila does a superb tandoori
great, bus is here at last
where’s my smartphone?

(c) Dave Thomas 2015

From bus

Chelsea Bridge, orange litres
fuel stop, junction red
M20 Ashford, flowers
nine, three-hundred, green

Battersea Bridge, McDonalds
windscreen wipers, happy meals
Tate Modern, toilets, cliffs
Dover’s swish-swosh grey

Albert Bridge, customs
neon-bathed, floor cold
fag break, French delay
Bakewell tarts, dreary hour

Vauxhall Bridge, ferry
MI6, kids laugh
“calling all” Dunquerque
dispirited, deluge agitates

Lambeth Bridge, labyrinth
services ticking, Flemish flank
indicator, non-descript
dudok, dudok, dudok

(c) Dave Thomas 2015